Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Recently I was interviewed by a top-notch reporting team (the HB Buzz news crew). The topic of the day was Fairness. Fairness is one of the Six Pillars of Character on which Harriet Bishop students and staff are focusing this year. The main point of distinction being asked of me was, "What's the difference between fairness and equality?"

Fairness, in my opinion, has everything to do with having equal opportunity to succeed. The example I used was this: If I gave 10 students each a pari of shoes, but only gave them each a size 12, I am treating them equally. However, the chances that each student will be successful in competing in their sport and in those shoes are slim. If I gave them shoes that were the right size and soles matched the playing surface (football, track and field, soccer, basketball, etc.), each student's chance of success go way up!

While the illustration is simplistic, it helps kids to understand that fair doesn't mean equal- fair does not mean we are all the same- fair does not mean we treat each person exactly the same. Rather, it's providing an environment that gives all stakeholders the best opportunities to succeed.

At Harriet Bishop, we feel all students should be treated FAIRLY and given and EQUAL opportunity to grow and to learn. We have worked hard to create a comprehensive and flexible learning environment that meets the needs of a variety of learners, helping them to flourish!

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